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Blocked Drains

You can call us out for any type of blocked pipe or drain. We use a combination of drain rods and/or high pressure jetting from vans. For unblocking the really severe blockages we currently use our tanker jetters. This is an extremely efficient system to remove the most challenging of blockages.

High Pressure Jetting

Issues with drainage are often caused by the build-up of grease and fatty deposits in the drainage system. To unblock a drain, sewers or pipe work systems, high pressure jetting is carried out; a fast and effective way of clearing a blockage, cleaning the pipe system and allowing easier CCTV surveying.


Where investigation work is required following blockages, the latest CCTV drain survey technology can provide detailed inspections of a drain or pipe system below ground or above ground in areas not readily accessible. Surveys include a full written report and the video footage can be presented in a variety of formats to suit your requirements.

Root cutting

Root intrusion can cause problems to your drainage systems. If a problem is diagnosed [using CCTV to investigate] we use a high pressure water powered root cutter to remove fibrous matter and mass roots from the sewer. After removal the drains can be re-lined to prevent future ingress.

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