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A cesspool or cesspit is a sealed underground storage tank which holds sewage until it is emptied and disposed of. Hence, a cesspool will require more regular emptying than a septic tank. Cesspit emptying is done using a vacuum tanker.

On average we each produce approximately 150 - 200 litres of waste water per day. Any drainage system has to have sufficient capacity to deal with these quantities, bearing in mind the number of people in the house.

Image of sealed unit. Standard size, no dimensions given. Tanker showing septic tank and Cesspool emptying in Reading. simply a large enclosed chamber to collect the effluent

Cesspools are used where there is no public sewer available and where the sub soil cannot soak away the liquid from a septic tank. They are simply a large enclosed chamber to collect the effluent, which is then removed on a regular basis and taken to a sewerage treatment works. Cesspools are considered to be a last resort for dealing with sewerage. All Tanks Ltd, have various size tankers for the emptying of your cesspool in Reading. We can arrange regular maintenance visits to ensure your tank doesn't overflow. Please give us a call to arrange your next empty.

Photo Of vacuum tanker

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