CesspoolA covered cistern used for sewage
CesspitSee Cesspool
Combination TankerTanker and jetter
Interceptor EmptyingWaste water storage system which prevents surface water drains contamination the watercourse.
Grease TrapA chamber for separating the grease/oil from entering the drains
Gully EmptyingRemoval of the debris/detrius via vacuum tanker
Gully CleaningHigh pressure jetting of the gully pot and connecting lines.
High Pressure JettingWater pumped very fast through a hose to increase the force achieved
Pump StationBuiding where the pumping equipment is held, used where waste from a building cannot reach a main sewer under gravity.
Road Gully (Gullies)Concrete pot under the road collecting waste water/detrius
Root CuttingAttachment to HP Jetter to cut through roots in blocked drains
Separators EmptyingSee Interceptor Emptying
Septic TankSmall scale sewage treatment system
Septic Tanks EmptyingRemoval of the septic waste via vacuum tanker
Soakage TestOn site investigation of building plots requires a soakage test to determine the drainage capacity of the ground.
Vacuum TankerLorry used for wet waste removal
Wet Well CleaningSee Pump Station
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