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Septic tanks emptying and cleaning

Septic tanks should be emptied regularly. Part of the care plan for septic tanks is removing the solid waste that builds up in them. We usually recommend once a year but this depends on the amount of waste going into the tank, the type of tank and its size. Regular emptying and cleaning of the tank greatly reduces the risk of it overflowing or causing blockages in your sewage system.

Our tanker with its powerful vacuum and onboard water supply can empty and wash septic tanks quickly.

If your soakaway has become blocked we can use our high pressure jetting equipment to clear it leaving it working much more efficiently.
Don't forget, you need to register your septic tank

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Cesspools Emptying

A cesspool is a sealed underground tank where all the sewerage from a property or properties is stored. There is no intent to treat or discharge the sewage and its function is simply to collect waste. When the cesspool is full, which is likely to be every four to six weeks, it will need to be emptied. Due to the fact that cesspools have to contain all the waste from the house, the size of the cesspool can be considerable. Cesspools are typically only used where ground conditions are unsuitable or where the proximity of local watercourses prevent the use of alternative private systems. All Tanks Ltd, Reading, provide professional cesspool emptying services with the latest equipment and dispose of the waste at a licensed liquid waste treatment plant.

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