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 Tanker services for Grease Traps, Pump Stations, Tanker Jetting

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Grease Traps

Waste that accumulates in grease traps must be removed regularly to avoid damage and overflowing of a drainage system. Frequency of cleaning will vary depending on the type of food served and how active your business is.

In routine operations, grease will float and settle at the top of the chamber and the solids will settle at the bottom.

It is important that a grease trap is cleaned on a regular basis to ensure it stays in good working order.

Pump Stations

Pump stations are used where waste from a building cannot reach a main sewer under gravity. As a result, the waste is directed to a central point – a pumping station or wet well. The station is generally lower than the sewer system, thus a pump is required to direct the waste up towards the sewage system.

The pump station requires regular emptying/cleaning to ensure the pumps continue working. Our combination tanker jetters are able to remove the waste and clean the tanks using high pressure water jets.

Tanker Jetting

When a small van mounted jetter is not large enough we can offer tanker jetting which delivers large quantities of water through high pressure jetting heads.

The special jetting heads are designed to cut through virtually anything. This removes the most stubborn of blockages, silt and debris quickly while flushing clean the pipe.

The tanker has a powerful vacuum and large capacity to suck out any debris from the cleaned pipes leaving the whole system free of any obstructions.

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